Online Dating Profile – What to Write

Dating online is about one thing in general; getting the most number of people interested in your profile. Getting the best out of your profile is pretty straightforward. Don’t let your profile shout out everything about you.

As a common rule, people get attracted to the mysterious and unknown. There is much more challenge and thrill in trying to decipher a person’s total character through clues and subtle hints. Dating online is like that. Try to find how much you should include in your profile and how much you’d like for them to ask you privately.

Another thing, online dating profiles should not be too long, it should be about as long as this article. Talk about yourself for the most part, not about your requirements for who you want to meet.

When writing your online profile, imagine yourself meeting someone for the first time, and then think of the things you’d be all right with to share. Your work now, maybe the jobs you’ve held before, maybe where you’re headed in your career. However, do not ramble about your achievements, how much you earn, how your superiors and underlings adore you, and such. That’s too much information.

You could also include in your online dating profile your talents and skills, and interests not related to your work. You can write about your usual hang out schedule, what sports you play, maybe what music you enjoy, or where you’ve traveled before. This creates opportunities to find people having the same interests as you.

Writing your online dating profile need not be a tedious task. Just be yourself and tell people who you are and what you’re looking for.