Dating Tips – Dealing With Her Memory

The human memory is an amazing tool to dating. This specially applies to the memory of both sexes as there are major brain differences between men and women.

As the saying goes, “Women tend to forgive but they never forget. Men tend to forget but they never forgive.” Amazingly, this is true to a great extent. Scientific research has shown that women store memory in many more parts of their brain as compared to men. In these studies, women notice many more intricate details and make spontaneous connections to events that had happened in the past. These memories can be negative or positive.

Women also assimilate information that men. When a couple has an argument, men have a strong tendency to solve the issue first. But, a woman prefers to finds the root of the problem before solving the problem. They want to find out what caused the problem and make a mental note never to repeat the mistake again. That is why sometimes men find the women unreasonable for laying blame.

Have you ever remembered the time when you had an argument with her and she always bring up the details of an unpleasant incident that had happened ages before? This is because the memory allows a woman to make connections with such incidents that had happened before.

Conflicts happen when men want to keep the situation to the current point but women want to discuss about demons from the past. This causes an adverse effect to the relationship as it seems to the men that women just bring the same stuff up again – a sign that the issue is yet to be resolved.