Online Dating – Do or Don’t?

Finding true love or a casual relationship can be a daunting task in the 21st century. The 9-5 workday sounds like an unattainable dream to most of us, and somehow everything we do in a 24-hour time span revolves around the Internet. Dating is no exception and online dating services have come through when so many just want to give up on love.

What are the benefits of trying an online single dating site, you ask? Well, for starters, you might actually find someone who wants a relationship too. Ever been in that imperfect dating dilemma where your date seems to hang on your every word and three weeks down the line, doesn’t even return your calls because he “needs his space?” It happens to most everyone who is single or who has been single.

6Star Reviews.com reports that one online dating service, True, screens their new members for criminal activity, so you won’t end up with an America’s Most Wanted protégé. For you gutsy group of singles, Chemistry is a pretty unique online dating site that matches you with Mr./Ms. Right based on scientific chemistry. Ok, so they say. But, they do let you fill out fun profile questionnaires, with abstract questions such as “Give this book a name,” letting your inner artist come through.

While you may have your doubts, remember that if you can pay your bills, trade stocks, shop for anything under the sun, and talk to friends online, why can’t you meet your match on the Web as well? There is a singles pool in the millions within some of the best online dating services and those sick of blind dates and being the third wheel may find them beneficial. Remember, just because the woman of your dreams doesn’t live down the block, it doesn’t mean she’s not worth it. She may very well be in Alaska. Weekend snowboarding soiree, anyone?