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Dating in Your Twenties

For many their twenties is a hectic time – so hectic, in fact, that they may wonder if they have any chance at finding love in the meantime. Life is spent on such a rollercoaster of work, home, and finding the energy for an occasional night out that it is easy to see why many people in their twenties find themselves single and alone.

What a lot of twenty-something year olds miss, though, is all the opportunities they have in front of them to find someone special. Think about it – you arrive home exhausted at the end of the day. Where have you been? Have you been by yourself, locked away in a room? The most likely answer is no – you have been at work, or at school, or shopping, or out with friends, or any other number of things. And more than likely whatever you have been doing has been in a crowd.

The real key to finding a date in your twenties is knowing where to look. Where should you look? Everywhere! Take a look around the office, or check out who else is with you in the store. The chances are you will find at least one – if not many – people that will interest you.

For this reason you also want to make sure that you are always looking your best when you go out. Since anyone you see is a potential new date, you want to make sure that you are looking stunning. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to always wear your best clothes, but it does mean that you always want to be finely groomed.

The next thing you want to do is approach them. This is another place in which a lot of people in their twenties fall short. They will admire someone from afar, never actually working up the nerve to strike up a conversation with them! The bad part about this is that this is the prime time to be using your conversation skills – you haven’t made it through high school and/or college for nothing! One of the biggest things you were doing during that time was honing your communication skills. So treat going up to that cute, shy coworker like you used to approach that cute, shy classmate.

Then there’s the matter of time management. Many of those in their twenties may wonder how on earth they’re supposed to find the time to go on a date with someone. There is one thing, though, that many people in their twenties are doing now, and that’s going on group dates. This way they get to spend time with their friends, relax, and go on a date all at once. This is a fantastic idea, not only for its obvious time saving merits, but also because even if your date doesn’t turn out, you have gotten out and met some new people and perhaps found some more leads on new dates.

While your twenties are rough, there are plenty of ways to enjoy them to their fullest. You need only look for the way. So keep your eyes open – there is no telling what kind of new adventures you will find next!