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How to Pick an Online Dating Site – This is How You’ll Do it

In this article I am going to explain to you how you should pick the right online dating site for you, rather than spend days, weeks, or months hunting down the proper selection, only to find precious time wasted that you could have been out having fun and meeting lots of fun, interesting and HOT partners to play with! I have found in my own experience that the people that do the BEST in the dating game, online or off, are simply those that are willing to jump in and make something happen, rather than those who sit around and think about and analyze everything so hard that they suck all of the fun and spontaneity out of the decision. So all I want you to do next is simply read my basic rules for maximizing your chances of success, and then go and jump into the warm and inviting waters of a little spring and summer romance! Life if FAR too short to sit around and think about everything to death, it’s much more fun to go out and have some fun!

Here is the simple set of rules I follow, and my friends use as well when picking a good online dating site:

Make sure they allow you to upload (and view) at least 5 pictures, preferably more. This allows you to get a much better opportunity to REALLY see what someone looks like before you meet.

Choose dating sites that have some form of instant messaging. Why? If you IM with somebody in real time, you have a much better feel for what they really are like, whereas email often times allows people to calculate what they want you to discover.

Always choose a dating site that has ESSAY answers rather than simple multiple choice options alone. Very simply, studies have shown that people are far more likely to join and fabricate a profile if they don’t have to put things into their own words – whereas if you have to actually answer questions in long hand form, most bogus profiles will be weeded out by the extra work, or by the editorial staff upon review.

Lastly – join a site that makes you pay! Free sites are simply spam havens, and anyone who has belonged to one will assure you this is true! (Especially Women!)

Now go out and follow the above, and have some fun! The warm weather is upon us once again, and nothing is sexier in spring and summer than a nice fling (or two!) to enjoy it in style..:-)