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5 Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating is an excellent way to meet people as long as

it is done safely. Before you begin chatting with those

strangers on the other line, make sure to take a few minutes

to make sure that you know what you should and shouldn’t be

doing. Like any type of dating, it is important to realize

that you do not know the other person on the other side of

the instant message. In fact, the online dating game makes

it even harder to know who is out there. Here are some

simple, effective ways for knowing how to stay safe during

online dating.

Tip One: Never give out personal information. One of the

most vulnerable ways that this can happen is simply telling

someone your credit card number, your online passwords, or

your social security number. If they want to buy something

for you, or need to borrow some money, run. Even if you

have talked to them for years, you should never provide this

information on the web. Instead, send them a money order or

make the purchase yourself.

Tip Two: Beware of people who lie to you. Now, this may

seem quite simple as no one wants to be around those that

lie. But, in the online dating game, you really need to

watch for those mistakes. As they found you, they can find

others. In other words, don’t think that you are the only

one that they are chatting with. One thing the online

dating world is not is exclusive. Lying can be a sign that

they are keeping things from you that are much larger. Be

wary of this.

Tip Three: Don’t provide your home address to anyone.

Again, you do not really know these people nor do you want

some nut case showing up at your house. Don’t think they

will do that? Ask yourself why they wouldn’t. Never

provide your last name either if you information is listed

in phone books or the web. Just make one up or simply don’t

give one out. Having a name, phone number and address of an

individual is enough to get some loans.

Tip Four: If you plan to meet them, meet them in an open,

crowded place and stay there. Your first meeting should be

someplace like a restaurant, a park or a movie theater where

there are many people around for your own safety. Also,

don’t stray from that location. On a first date like this,

you shouldn’t trust anyone.

Tip Five: When you are participating in online dating, you

need to properly prepare yourself. Many of the people that

get on the web to find someone to talk to are just fine, but

there are those that are looking at you as if you are prey.

Not only do you need to protect your safety, but you also

need to protect your heart. Don’t put it on the line. Make

sure your just looking for friends at first. If by that

slim chance you do find someone to love, that’s great. But

protecting yourself first and foremost is your goal in every

online dating relationship that you enter.