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5 Tips on Building a Great Online Dating Profile

The success of online dating often times depends if your profile is a standout yet still remains credible.

To achieve a great profile, you need to put pictures or videos that complement you best and does not hint something negative about you. You might think that you look good in a picture of you dancing wildly on top of a table, but in the end that picture will put off people and will attract unwanted attention. You might think that the internet gives you the chance to put on bravado, but the truth is, a fake profile gives trouble to people who are in online dating sites.

A slim 10% of online dating site users get quality reply from other users, whereas the 90% of the profiles left is overlooked due to it being questionable, unfinished or dull. No matter how great the online dating service is, if you are not interesting to people, you’ll never achieve results.

By this we don’t mean 1×1 pictures. Your pictures should tell something about you, be it your hobbies or your philosophies in life. If you like nature, then a picture in the garden can clearly portray your love of the environment.

Avoid posting too much self-centered pictures. A few close-ups are OK but don’t overload your profile with those egotistic images.

Instead of writing “I like to read” in your online dating profile, it’s better to specify the genre, or even specific books that you read. Better yet, write a very short reaction on a book a book title.

You can put in all the adjectives that you want; you can call yourself smart, funny, easygoing, but that’s old news. Anyone can call themselves that. It’s better to mention a story that would depict that adjective instead.

If you really need to write about something bad that happened, you can follow-up with a positive outlook. But it is better not to write anything negative altogether. People who don’t know you that well can’t be bothered to comfort you. You will also most likely deter first time profile scanners.

You can highlight your good qualities in your online dating profile but there is a very fine line between relating and subjective self-descriptive phrases. You might think that you are “stylish, artistic and witty”, but everyone else thinks the same about themselves, and you really wouldn’t say that out loud in person. Try to spice your profile up, for example, you’re a

, and you want to show that you have an interesting job, why not show a picture of yourself in a huge truck that you drive?

90% of online daters lie about something in the profiles, be it their weight, hair color or career. It’s very tempting to write that you have traveled all over the world to seem interesting, but if you have never even left the country once, stick to the truth. You can mention instead that you want to travel to an interesting place and cite out something cool that you know about it.