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Online Dating – The Intricacies of Online Dating

Online dating is now commonplace and it has been the beginning of some wonderful relationships. But because this method of meeting and getting to know a person is a little out of the mainstream it is necessary to learn about some of the intricacies of online dating. Just as there are guidelines that we follow in traditional dating there are guidelines that are generally followed in cyber-dating.

Perhaps one of the most important things to note is that of honesty. Your words are all that the new or intended partner has to go on. If you are dishonest about yourself there will certainly be little grounds for building a real relationship. Although you should be honest you do not have to share everything about yourself.

Even in traditional dating it is not necessary to share everything from the start. However, as time goes on and the relationship progresses it is advisable to share more and more of yourself.

By the same token you should be respectful of the other person’s privacy. Take your time in learning about the individual. Going too far too fast is not suggested in any type of relationship.

It is simply polite to refrain from using profanity during your online conversations. Although you may find that your new partner does not mind it is simply more respectful to eliminate its use. After all, when you are typing your conversations you have time to think about the words you use.

If you are in a public chat room you need to be aware that others may be reading what you write. That means you need to use caution about any details of your personal life or even your physical whereabouts.

When you meet someone online you need to keep in mind that they really can present themselves in any way that they want. They can tell you that they are well educated when they are not, they can tell you that they are wealthy when they are not, they can describe themselves as your dream mate when they are not, and they say they are single when they are not.

Glamorous stories or idealistic details should all send up red flags. Proceed with caution!

It is wise not to use your real name until you get to know the person. You definitely should not share your phone number or address until you feel completely comfortable with the relationship.

Carefully choose your username (if in a chat setting) and the email address that you will use. Do not set yourself up as a target. Some names seem to allude to a certain level of vulnerability or desperation. This makes the person an easy target for predators.

Always keep tabs on what information about you is available for others to see. Do not allow your home address or your phone number to be visible to the public.

Keep in mind that cyber-relationships are much like traditional relationships in that compatibility is essential to the longevity. And you will need to meet your cyber honey to find out if there is any physical chemistry between you. Plan your first and second meeting in a public location. Get to know the person before you spend time totally alone with them.