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Online Dating – 3 Ways To Spot An Online Liar

It would be wonderful if all online liars’ profiles glowed neon orange and flashed like a neon sign! Unfortunately, online dating is not there yet! So, we will have to rely totally on ourselves and our own judgment. Here are 3 ways to help you spot an online liar;

1. One way to spot an online liar; they are very defensive when questioned. They never answer any question directly. They usually pause, become defensive and then begrudgedly (I don’t think that is a word…but I’m using it anyway!) they will answer. Always make a note of the questions that are the most important and their answers. These answers will change! Then when you bring that to their attention, their response will be; “no…you misunderstood me!”

2. The second way to spot an online liar; their relationship “timelines” will always have discrepancies. Also the length of the relationships and whether or not there are children.

Do not rely solely on your memory! You want to have documented proof. I have had men that were never married with 0 children, eventually become divorced with a set of 15 year old twins.

I sincerely do not believe that was a mis-understanding!

3. The third way to spot an online liar; their occupation and length of employment will be an area of “untruths”.

Most online liars contemplate how to work this area to their advantage.

If they claim upfront to be a deadbeat, you may look past them. However, if they clam to make $100k per year, how can they ever justify borrowing money from you? Or asking you to co-sign for anything?

When it comes to online liars watch for their defensiveness, their relationship timelines and details of their occupation.

Prepare yourself with those red flags and you will be on your way!