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Getting Social With Singlesnet and Yahoo Personals

Both and Yahoo Personals are dating sites that allow anyone to join to meet people for fun, dating and long term relationships. People who join these sites can peruse the site prior to joining to find someone who they like. Both of these sites cost on the average of $25 a month to join, and both will allow a discount for a long term membership.

Yahoo Personals has been around for quite some time and has quite an extensive membership. It is one of the easiest of all of the dating sites to join. is relatively new and tends to cater to younger singles. Yahoo Personals has a medium age of dating of 32, catering to an older crowd.

Neither nor Yahoo Personals get very personal when it comes to questions. You have a handful of questions to answer with both of these sites that are open to married as well as single people. Although is a site that is geared towards hooking up singles, it does allow married people who want to have extra marital affairs or meet friends to join. Both sites encourage singles and do not advertise for sex or flings. Both will allow filtering when it comes to dating and long term relationships.

One of the aspects that many people like about dating on or Yahoo Personals is that you can take a look on the site before joining. If you see someone that you like, you can send them a hug or a wink for free. You cannot communicate with them in any other way nor can you receive a hug or a wink back. You can also post a free profile on both of these site and receive hugs and winks, but you cannot communicate with any of those who contact you unless you pay money and join the site. This can give you an opportunity to see how you like the site before you commit to join, as well as get acclimated as to how the dating site works.

Both of these two sites are equal in that they encourage dating and not so much serious relationships. They are easy to join and relatively inexpensive, so anyone who is looking for dating, even casual dating, can take a look on these sites and find someone who they would like to get to know before they join. Unlike other dating sites that ask a lot of questions and want to fix you up, it is up to you to do your own match making when you join both Singlesnet and Yahoo Personals.

The main difference between Singlesnet and Yahoo Personals is the age group that each site caters to and the fact that Yahoo Personals have been around longer and has a bigger membership. Younger people may find better luck in Singlesnet, however, both sites are open to anyone and many people who enjoy online dating will find that the attractive price offered for joining both of these sites allows them to join both of them at the same time, doubling their chances of meeting someone special.