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2 of the Best Places to Meet Quality Women

A friend asked me a weird question a few years ago, during the time when I was still into video games and totally oblivious of what it takes to start dating women. He asked, “How woman-aware are you?” When I asked what exactly he meant, he just smiled and said, “If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you must have zero woman-awareness”. That was a long time ago, but the fact that I wasn’t “woman-aware” at all at that time shocked me to the core. I was a typical commuter, going to the subway and boarding the bus with headphones on. I never paid attention to the women who jogged by in the morning while I was walking through the park to get home. Now, I stand abashed and repentant that I didn’t grab the chance to hook up with women in their “natural environment”.

If you’re wondering what I mean by natural environment, it’s the places that women frequently go to when they are most relaxed. You can’t use the usual pick up lines in these places because most women around aren’t expecting to meet men, much less get picked up, in such places.

Best Places to Meet Women

1. In the Mall of the Shopping District

Women come in droves when there’s a sale. But you’re most likely to find them in places that sell bags and shoes. Unlike clothes, women are more impulsive when it comes to accessories so your best bet is to go to a rummage sale for bags where there are a plethora of women you can “ask” for advice. Just say something like you’re looking for a gift for your sister or your mom. Don’t lie about the relative you’re shopping for. In case you meet your girlfriend through this method, you don’t want to have to explain why you lied during that time.

2. The Supermarket

The grocery or the store is another place to go hunting. The only difference is that it’s fairly easier to find out if a woman is single or not in the supermarket. A married woman’s cart definitely looks different from a single woman’s. Unless she’s a single mom, you won’t usually see diapers or baby accessories on the cart of a single girl. Also, take note of the portions of items there. Does it seem like she’s cooking for two or for a family?

As for conversation topics, you won’t run out when you’re in a supermarket. You can always ask a single girl about ingredients or nutritional value of avocado when used on the skin (a fairly popular ‘holistic’ beauty secret among women). If you’re into caring for pets, you can easily recognize who the pet-loving single ladies are just by looking at their carts.

Did you notice I didn’t mention bars and nightclubs? You can find women here too, but there’s a difference. Women in nightclubs are more guarded because they expect to be hit on. At the same time, the usual banter won’t work in clubs because there’s not much “natural” topic to talk about.

In bars, you can talk about current events or the latest Hollywood gossip or scandals, but more often than not, you can be straightforward with a girl when you meet her in a bar compared to when you meet her during the day in the places I’ve listed above.