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Online Dating – The Pros & Cons

Online dating is very different from the conventional face-to-face dating. You do not get to see the person in real, until you meet him/her of course. The reason why most people date is to settle down. You might also wish to expand your social circle by knowing more people, or find people of similar interest. The whole idea is to have fun doing it. However, there are hidden dangers behind online dating, which we shall discuss here.

Pros of online dating

1) If you are a typically shy person, online dating can be your stepping stone. You do not have to speak to the person you wish to know until you are ready to exchange numbers. You will have more time to think over your answers as you communicate through emails and messages.

2) You can find your type easily by going through the personals. Most online dating sites have search tools to quickly match the criteria you are looking for. You can even look at their photos.

3) You can take your time to choose the friends you wish to meet.

4) You have literally thousands to choose from. The world is in your hands! And of course, we are not talking about long-distance relationships, but rather those in your area.

Cons of online dating

1) Misinterpretation of themselves. Some users do not reveal their real identity, including age, preferences or even martial status! Others use outdated photos or worse yet, photos of other people!

2) Some online companies harvest users’ personal contacts for email spamming purposes. They sometimes claim that such emails are for marketing purposes, or in an effort to improve their services. Rather, such information is sold to other companies which advertise more dating-related services.

3) People create ‘fake’ profiles on these dating sites to spam others.

4) Rise in crimes. Online dating provides a platform for offenders to meet unknowing victims. Rape, molestation and internet fraud are just some examples.

5) Other social problems such as HIV infections (through sex), poor worker productivity due to lack of sleep or overly-obessed with dating sites.

Dating people online can be a fun and interesting affair. But just remember to take due care when meeting your new friends.