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Dating Strategies for All Singles

As a relational coach I have had the privilege of interacting with unmarried people of all ages and backgrounds. I have provided a sympathetic ear, understanding heart, wise counsel, intuitive advice, and creative ideas to enhance dating lives and relationships.

The majority of my life has been spent as a single adult. I have only been married six of my thirty-seven glorious years. Hence I understand that happiness is not found in who we date or marry, but rather who we are.

America’s 86 million single adults come from many different relational backgrounds. Some have previously been married and divorced. Others have children. Some precious older singles are also widows and widowers.

This being said the complexity and peculiarity of each group of singles requires compassionate and experiential understanding when relating to them within the context of relational coaching.

I feel I have a unique level of understanding for singles. I have been dating for over 15 years. I know how and where to meet people. My world travels to over 50 countries have allowed me to date people from every religious and ethnic group.

I have dated women older and significantly younger than I. I know how to tell if someone’s interested in me. I know how to ask someone out. I can adequately assess compatibility and know how to keep an ongoing relationship healthy.

I am refreshingly creative concerning dating ideas and know how to be resourceful on a limited budget. No matter the circumstance, I can assure an invigorating date under any situation.

I also have an intuitive sense in regard to timing as it pertains to the pace by which a relationship should healthily progress. I understand the pros and cons of moving in together before marriage. I am keenly aware of the essential foundational keys to sustain a respectful and strong relationship. I also know the warning signs of a problematic relationship, which if not corrected could become increasingly painful.

Should the occasional dating disaster or breakup occur, I know how to re-establish a person in their identity and empower them to happily embrace dating again. When necessary, I can gently advise a person how to break up without being cruel and heartless.

In regard to relational abuse, I know how to deal with cheaters and violent people. Saying goodbye is never easy, though sometimes it is vitally necessary. When one must move on, I can help them overcome their disappointment and happily embrace the future with newfound expectation.

Non-traditional relationships are quickly becoming the norm throughout America, as we are a diverse people intermingled together. I have counseled people how to overcome and transcend these barriers. Bridges can be built and hearts won as we learn to love and accept one another unconditionally.

As someone who has dated numerous women from other countries who I met online, I know how to successful manage a long distance relationship. Employment, military leave, and extenuating circumstances do not need to destroy a meaningful relationship.

We are all social beings deeply yearning for meaningful relationship and intimate interaction. We need to be recognized and tenderly touched no matter are color, creed, age, or sexual preference.

Therefore let us peaceably celebrate our humanity and embrace one another in the bond of heartfelt charity as we together seek love on our life journey. No matter your past or present, you can experience newness of life as you endeavor to date.