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Understand Men – What Men Want in a Woman

Women thinks that men are confusing and they are unsure what a man is really looking for. It seems that trying to please men gets them no where. What seems to be true is the modern man is struggling to find himself in the current world. As women now has the same social and corporate status, and many are doing much better than me, men nowadays has less self-respect. Therefore, he is not so sure how he should act.

In today’s society, the breadwinner may not just be the man. The men no longer call the shots, there is no sole authority anymore. Despite these changes,the essential things that men want are hardly changed.

Many men are looking for love. Man long to love a woman and be loved in return. The problem is loving women are not easy to find and most women seem cold. Men are looking for a attractive women, and that means a slim or good figure and constant efforts to look good.

Trust is also important to men in a relationship. They want their girl to be trustworthy; someone they can believe in, someone who is loyal. Man cannot accept flirtatious behaviour of their girl towards other men. Men also want their girl to be gentle and kind, so they feel comfortable being with them. Women with a good sense of humour and knows how to have fun are also appealing.

In general, women who go drinking are not well liked by men. They already have their drinking buddies. What a man need is someone who supports him, someone who is quick to encourage him. Fiery, loud women puts all kind of men off.

Men also love a challenging woman, someone who keeps him chasing. This hunter instinct if men makes them cherish such women. A woman who is committed to a man is hard to find, yet can capture a man’s heart. Men values loyalty more than anything else, and wants a woman they can trust, confide in and pour their heart out to.