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Tips For Writing The Best Online Dating Profile

You have finally decided to venture out into the big big world of online dating. You have become a member of one or two, or possibly more, online dating services. The next obvious step is to must write that compelling, attention grabbing, interesting all-important profile… the one that will attract attention and reel in the man of your dreams.

What to do first? Perhaps writing isn’t even something you think you do with all that much talent. Yet, you can do this.

First and foremost, be utterly candid and honest about yourself. You are looking for that special someone who will like, adore, and possibly even one day LOVE. You. If you are looking for someone to spend the rest of your life with, you can bet that one day she will see the REAL you. Explore some of your previous courtships and list the things that you liked and the things you did not like about it. If your last lover had an annoying habit of grinding her teeth and it kept you awake at night, you probably want to stear clear of a TMJ patient.. If you like snakes and will always want to own one or more, say that you are a reptile enthusiast and want to name your first child after your pet pythong, Monty.. Someone who fears snakes or is just plain afraid of them to them is not the gal for you.

Emphasize the attributes and personality traits that make you, well, you, a person who is ‘one of a kind’ . If you possess talents you really want your significant other to appreciate those talents and show their genuine affection for you for it. If you are active in charity work, a person who isn’t giving of herself is probably not the person you seek.

Note the things that are imperative and fundamental to you in your life. If having pets is the essence of that which makes you feel happy, satisfied and complete, you want someone who would, not only support you, but also wait with you at the vet while you get shots for the stray kitten you found last night. When you get beyond looks and measurements, you will magnetize yourself to women who share your beliefs, values, hobbies and interests.

Make sure to use a picture that shows you smiling, happy and having a grand time. Being a fun loving person is especially attractive to members of both sexes. This is so important. Your picture is the FIRST thing that people look for on these dating sites. The very next thing is your profile. They are going to read what you have to say about yourself..