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Online Dating – Is She A Liar?

When you have an online “relationship” how can you tell if she is a liar?

One of the main ways to spot a liar is by asking a lot of questions. Make notes of the most important questions and answers.

She may get really defensive and evasive. That is usually a sure sign that she is a liar.

. Think about it…if she’s only been married and divorced once, how is it the same man left her when her

son was an infant. Then, when the subject surfaces again, her husband left when her

child was an infant. Ask questions…find out if that is at all possible! To me, the issue isn’t that she has been divorced twice; the issue is that she felt a need to lie about it.

They hold a big key to her sense of responsibility. Initial she may have told you her children are in another state with her mother. And her ex-husbands child support goes directly there. Remember that…especially when she says her rent is short because she stopped on the way home from work to pay her children’s daycare bill.

Her site may say she is a grade school teacher. Asking the right questions, you may discover she is a part time teacher’s aide. Again, there is nothing wrong with the occupation, but there is something wrong if she feels she needs to lie.

Remember, if you pay close attention to what she says about certain dates, her children and occupation. You may be surprised at what you will find out! One thing for sure…you

find out whether or not she is a liar!