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Online Dating Fraud

Online dating fraud is alive and well on the internet! Scanned photos and webcams have cut out a lot of the deception…but not all of it!

Even with the high tech environment we all live in, there is still a lot of fraud. Some people use a false name. Others post pictures that are not them. I’ve seen people go so far as to post pictures of celebrities and insist…no, actually they Argue, that the photo is theirs. AND…it’s not their fault that the celebrity looks like them!

Insisting on a photo, will cut out a lot of online dating fraud. Trust me on this one!

You’re not being shallow…you’re being smart.

My point is this: If the two of you are spinning a fantasy, make sure that it is mutual. Make it clear that you are acting out a fantasy, encourage your new friend to do the same…since you have no intentions of ever meeting.

However, if you are planning on meeting face to face, why the lies? Why the deceptions? If a man tells me he is 6′ 4″ with an athletic build…I know what 6’4″ looks like, and I have this image in my head. Add that to my mental image of an “athletic” build…quite a visual!

I’ve decided I can even deal with a “one-bagger”, but not a “two-bagger”. Clarification? A one bagger is someone ugly enough to where you need to put a bag over their head. A two-bagger is so ugly, you have to put a bag over their head AND one over your head, just in case their bag falls off! But…just like everything beauty AND ugly is in the eyes of the beholder.

Give me 6’4″ and a

athletic build, and I can work around the rest of the physical appearance! That’s just me. Anyway…I’m sitting at the local coffee shop looking for my online “blind date” So far…there are no 6’4″ men coming or going…and very few athletic builds…are roaming around.

One of (3) things probably happened:

1. He lied about his height and or his build and is too embarrassed to show up.

2. He’s there checking me out…but, since he

about his height and build,

I don’t know who he is! Or…

3. I’ve been stood up!

The moral of the story is: Prepare yourself, ask lots of questions and then more questions, insist on a photo. You will find this will help reduce online dating fraud.