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Online Dating

Online Dating. Is it good or bad? With last years online dating turnover of nearly half a billion dollars, and expected to rise to 780,000 dollars by 2008, it must be said, it’s good.

You will always here scaremonger stories of how it isn’t safe, and too many online dating services have fake profiles. If this was the norm, then surely it wouldn’t be growing at such an enormous rate.

With millions of singles with access to the internet, one can only assume that it’s going to grow for a very long time. The price of going out to bars and clubs isn’t getting any cheaper, and neither is the transport that you have to use. The price of the taxi there and back could cost the same as one months subscription to a top online dating service.

Then you have the other side of the coin where people will say online dating is expensive. These are probably not the singles paying over $50 for a night out, only to be told “I’ll probably call you later in the week”.

Online dating gives singles ( mainly men ) the opportunity to get to know someone before they start spending their hard earned taking them out. No one can say online dating is 100% guaranteed to find you a perfect partner the first time you take someone out. The best dating Guru in the world couldn’t do that, but it gives two singles the chance to connect with each other before a first date. It could be considered an “Ice Breaker”. It saves all the “Where do you work”? questions, and builds on the connection that has already taken place online.

Online dating would probably have a better strike rate of matching singles together if information was more freely available. This will give singles the chance to fully prepare themselves for their online dating experience. So many singles have poorly written profiles, and put a photo on their profile where they are barely visible.

If singles were to get this information before they joined the online dating service that they choose, the strike rate would expand markedly. This would then create a more positive feel to online dating, and give the industry a lot more stature.

Online dating is growing at a fast rate, and will continue to do so even more when singles realize ( and learn how to use ) the benefits.