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The Best Way to Ask Single Women Out on a Date

The way you ask for a date with single women can make a big difference in whether she accepts or declines. Also, it’s very important that you feel confident in advance that she is going to accept your invitation to get together for a date.

Whatever you do, don’t expect a “no” answer in advance of asking her out. This can backfire on you by showing the woman your lack of confidence around women. If you expect rejection, it can create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Let me give you some examples of the wrong way of asking single women for a date. These negatively phrased questions can set you up for failure in trying to get a date:

Can you see how negative these questions are? They are already programmed for a “no” answer. Plus, she might think that you have already asked someone else out and you got shot down, so now you are trying your luck with her. Her thinking this, even though it might not be true, puts you in a bad position.

It’s best to make it easy for the woman you’re asking out to accept your invitation for a date. Make it easy for them to say, “yes.” Also, think positive when asking her out. Believe that she is going to accept and there’s no way that she will say, “no.”

In my opinion, here’s the best way to ask a woman for a date:

I’m sure you get the idea now. These are non-pressured and direct questions for asking for a date. They sound so much better than the negative examples I gave you to not use for asking for a date. Don’t you agree?

I hope this advice helps you to get more dates and happy hunting!