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Single Dating Advice – Personality Traits That Attract Women

In this single dating advice article I’m going to list 5 personality traits that attract women. If you have any or all of the following you can use them to your advantage. Girls literally can’t resist them so take the time to cultivate these personality traits within you. Some are better when used with others, and some don’t work well together.

Many women are used to constantly being pursued by men in one way or another. Act indifferent. Make her think that you’re only calling her because you have nothing else to do and act almost disinterested sexually. This will often get them do their very best to get back your attention. This drives most women crazy, and even though they’d hate to admit it, it’s super interesting to them.

This one’s my favorite in this single dating advice article. Women are very attracted to men who are just a little bit cocky. Just a little. This is a tough balance to explain through words. Too many guys overdo it and they come off as ‘arrogant’. For a good examples watch: Clarke Gable in ‘Gone With The Wind’, or Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’. They will give you a good idea of what I mean. When you have that mild overconfidence and combine it with humor, you will drive women wild.

Being adventurous is sexy to women. They’re instantly attracted to men who do extreme, crazy, or dangerous things. It’s exciting to them. Examples include: sports such as motocross, boxing, football, etc…

Women love it when their man knows what he wants and goes after it. Being passionate about something is a sign of life. All that dominance means is just: being in control of your own life. I’m talking about the kind of dominance and aggressiveness involved in setting a goal and then going after it with passion and getting it no matter what happens. It shows women that you’re in control of your life and you have things going on.

If you are really good in a certain area that’s interesting to the type of woman you want to attract, this can be pretty attractive. Don’t be approval seeking and do it in a “look what I can do” way. Instead, take the woman into your world. For example, I’m into boxing. So I might take a girl with me to a boxing show or one of my competitions.