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Online Dating Sites – Pros and Cons

This stuff didn’t even exist some time ago, yet today a ton of people meet online. It’s an interesting phenomenon, yet, most people either love or hate it. The reason is that they have a one-sided view. I’m about to share with you both the objective benefits and disadvantages to this thing. So here goes:

– Choice -> You get to browse through a ton of people you’d have a gone a whole lifetime never meeting… Simply because you don’t frequent the same circles.

– Superficiality -> Precisely because there’s so much choice, most people will be overlooked online. You will be overlooked by people who in real life would have a crush on you, because the choice makes it so easy. Its just click-next-click-next…

– High benefits -> If you’re one of those who manage to optimize your profile so much that it screams “wow”, then you will get more results than 99% of people. Sure, at first it takes a while to do… But, its well worth the effort. You can literally shoot up from having zero interest, to having dozens of emails per hour every single day… All it takes is a few tweaks in the picture or profile sometimes.

– Lack of compassion -> When you’re still working on figuring it out, you’ll face a lot of frustration. Precisely because its so easy to ignore and pass the profiles or interested parties that don’t stand-out – you can get a lot of (perceived rejection). Don’t take it personally. Its just that these people get a lot of interest, and since its online, it doesn’t feel real. They don’t feel the need to let you down easy, you’re just the 100th email for that day.

All in all, there’s both advantages and disadvantages to online-dating. You have to try it out yourself and see how it fares with other alternatives. You might like more or less than the other options. It might suit you more, or less. My best recommendation is to just give it a fair try for a few months and decide for yourself.