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Why Dating Men Are Picky

Men who are dating are said to be some of the pickiest people in the world. But it makes sense though; single men with no attachments and no prior wives or children are very much in demand, so they can be as picky as they want to be. Another reason why

are so picky is because they don’t want to give just any woman the key to the kingdom because they have the most to lose if things don’t work out.

So a single man who is dating will keep his options open as best as he can. There’s no shortage of women who are more than willing to give the dating man what he wants.

The dating man knows that they’re in demand and that their value is high when it comes to women. They don’t have to settle for just any woman that comes their way. This will often be interpreted as these guys being picky, arrogant or even flat-out jerks. But the real deal with dating men especially, those that have any measure of success, is that they can hold out for the type of girls that they find to be the most desirable.

Just think about it for a second if you were single, highly successful, even mildly attractive and had a lot going for you, would you be an in demand guy? It’s even better if you’re older, because if you’re older most of the women who are going to be around your age will already have several knocks against them that may disqualify them as an option.

The types of women who complain that dating these kinds of men often ends up in frustration for them don’t realize this. These guys often want a woman who is unattached and who has no baggage. If you’re an older guy and you had none of the baggage that most people accumulate by the time they reach let’s say their 30s, then you will be one of the most in demand men around and most women are going to be aware of that.

Women who are dating a man that fits these criteria have to understand if they don’t bring their best game they’ll have no chance of bagging this guy. If they have a lot of baggage they may still have a chance, but they have to be willing to treat the guy as well as possible if they hope to have any chance of being chosen by him.

Of course women who are dating men that don’t fit this criterion will have much less to worry about, but for the ones who aren’t, you have to make sure to be as nice to the guy as possible if you hope to get and maintain his interest.

Dating men who are picky shouldn’t be looked at as a bad thing; in fact you would think most women would be happy there are some men out there who won’t settle for anything. This shows that if that particular guy were to be with you he’s more inclined to be faithful.