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Online Dating – The Key To Being Seductive Online

Note: Please vow to never try and seduce someone that you really aren’t interested in. That would be very unfair! With that being said…

Being seductive in person is fun and can be challenging at times. But being seductive online requires some creativity on your part. Let’s get started…

The key to being seductive online requires “preplanning”. First “construct” a scenario, a dream, a story of a romantic and erotic “situation”.

Now you will have to get into their head, because that is where the seduction begins.

Since timing is everything, I would either contact my “new love” mid morning during the week.

(I would contact them over the weekend with a “spicier” version…but that one can’t be shared here!)

I would leave a private voice mail on their cell phone or send an email to their personal email address. (Do not use the work phone or email address!)

This is how I would start; “…you wouldn’t believe the dream I had about us last night! We were trapped in a glass elevator with a full view of a major city skyline! The things we did…I am still too embarrassed to talk about it!”

Do not tell them any more. If they insist on hearing more about the dream, simply say you don’t have the privacy to go into it right now. Promise to call later that evening.

Later that evening wait for them to bring up the dream. Then tell it in small increments at a time. If done correctly, you will be the last person on their mind at night and the first thing on their mind in the morning!

The key to being seductive online begins in the mind…not the body! Have fun!