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How to Use Special Interest Dating Websites

Recently, I’ve looked into these special interest dating sites. Now normally, I figure it’s not worth my time to mess around with these sites, as I would rather not limit my choices based on a single enjoyment I might have.

However, at the urging of a really beautiful friend, I took a look at a dating site for horseback riders. She swore up and down it was great, but I naturally had my doubts.

I shouldn’t have. I was flat out stunned.

Not only were there a LOT of people on there, some of the women I found were quite beautiful. I couldn’t fathom the interest being that strong, or being such a great method of connecting.

I spoke with my friend more. These people are serious about this, and we started chatting how this could present great opportunities for dating.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you decide to take try a special interest dating site.

1) Make sure you ARE interested.

If you join a site for horse enthusiasts, then make sure you actually like horses. If you are just trying to make time with someone while faking an interest, it will eventually blow up.

Understand that this is a big enough deal to them that they actually joined a site for that specific reason. Many of them join those specific types of sites for those type of people.

2) Make sure you know about the group you are dealing with.

If you are joining a role playing interest dating site, you might end up having a hard time getting a date. The competition is fierce, and there tend to be fewer attractive women on these sites.

There are exceptions, of course, but understand going in whether or not you’ll have a good chance of finding a good date out of there.

3) If you are a dilettante, brush up!

If you are dating within these groups, take the time to brush up on the respective interest. If you are going to be dating this woman, and you know she’s interested in horses or the like, then you already have a topic to discuss! This should be a no brainer. Spend some time focusing on this.

4) Don’t assume that they are any different than you are.

This can seem to be a bit contradicting in terms of what I wrote above. Some of them might be a bit fanatical about their interests, but all in all, they are still women. Now, I could imagine that you’ll find a few strange girls who can’t talk about anything else, but they are rather rare.

For example, just because a woman joins a site dedicated to something as wild as BDSM, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t normal people.

If you have a special interest that many share, and there is a site for it, I say go for it. You can find some wonderful women who are a lot of fun. Good luck!