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Top 5 Places to Meet a First Date

A first date can be exciting and nerve wracking, depending on your frame of mind going into the encounter. The key to the meet up is to keep it relaxed and low-key. It’s just not a big deal! If you stay comfortable and take your stress down a few levels, inevitably the date will go better and you will make a better connection. Here are five “can’t miss” first date places to help set the right tone.


A day time Starbucks date is one of the best places to go for a first date. Meeting in the day time signals a more relaxed arrangement. Starbucks is usually well populated and has ample room to sit down and chat. It is non-intimidating and comfortable. Grab a table in the back and be excited to interact with your date. The coffee buzz will keep you talking-which is a good thing. Just make sure to listen and understand your date as well.

Art Museum

A trip to an art museum is a great venue for a first date. The museum gives you a great activity to do while getting to know your date. Exploring the museum while having a conversation is a great way to meet someone. Typically art museums will have a very nice café or restaurant attached. Once finished viewing the exhibits, sit down for a while to enjoy a drink or snack with your date.

A New Wine Bar

A first date drink can be one huge clichĂ©. That said, a nice wine bar is always a fun place to meet a first date. Choosing and tasting a variety of wines is a fun activity that, when combined with good conversation, can go a long way to improve your initial meeting. If there is a new wine bar in town, it’s worth checking out. Exploring a new wine list is lots of fun. Make sure not to drink too much wine and make a bad impression.

A Sporting Event

This type of meet up involves the approval of your date. Does he or she like sports? If so, this can be a fantastic activity. If you go to a baseball game, you have an event to watch and enjoy while you talk. The pace of the game is relaxed and welcomes conversation. You want to communicate to your date that you are a fun and interesting person. Bringing him or her to a baseball game or hockey game is a great way to let your date know that you have fun and keep it exciting.

An Urban Stroll or Hike

Being active on a first date can be a great approach. Taking a stroll in a shopping district or busy part of a city can be interesting and fun. Check out an open air market. Visit a tourist attraction. Go to the top of a tall building. Stop and get an ice cream or coffee on the way. Exploring a busy part of the city with your first date keeps the mood light and fun.