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Online Dating Tips

Online dating is an interesting little world. Chances are you may enter this virtual showcase of the ‘single and looking’ a bit halfheartedly. You reassure yourself that you are just having some fun. Maybe you are browsing profiles for nothing more than a few laughs; thinking you may stumble upon a desperate ex or co-worker and hilarity will ensue!

Within time, however, your curiosity changes course. Perhaps a few profiles have stood out from the crowd. You would like to respond to their ad until you realize that the site requires you to create your own online dating profile. Soon you are deep into the composition of your “About Me” section.

You want your profile to ROCK right?

The person that you are messaging will most likely click for your profile to learn more about you. Thus begins the daunting task of making yourself sound interesting through the art of text communication.

What will you type?

Who is your favorite band?

What photo should you post?

The following are some helpful tips and words of wisdom to consider when creating your online dating profile.

Consider this your online resume. You would not make a job resume too brief and leave out important details, right? Well, this is essentially a sales page for you. You may tell yourself that you are not “seriously” looking for a relationship but nobody likes rejection of any kind. And you don’t want people clicking past your profile. You want them to stop dead in their tracks and be completely taken by your looks and intellect. You would seriously like to hold their attention. You would even like a response…admit it! There is no sense in paying for an online dating subscription if nobody responds, where is the fun in that?

The first thing that you need to remember is the fact that nobody will pay your profile any attention without a photo. When you browse personal ads on the Internet do you look at profiles with no picture? Probably not. People think two things about profiles with no photos. An assumption is made immediately that the individual is either ugly or not serious about internet dating. It may just be a matter of that person not wanting friends, family or acquaintances to see their face on an online dating website. You need to remind yourself that these sites are popular and abundant for a reason. MANY people use them! MANY people even have success and are fortunate enough to meet someone special.

When choosing a photo it is especially important to remember that you are trying to entice someone into wanting to date you. The photo for your profile should be tasteful, accurate and appropriate. Don’t confuse this with your My Space profile where it is acceptable to post photos of you and your friends in various states of drunkenness, silliness or sexual innuendo. You are not going to meet someone looking like you did in those Glamour Shots photo sets either so keep them in your photo album, please! Keep it simple. People will appreciate seeing a picture of you exactly how you will look sitting across from them at a restaurant. Equally important is keeping your photo current. You may think you look exactly like you did fifteen years ago but you might not, so just keep that in mind.

Another important part of your online dating profile will be the headline. Your headline can be clever, funny or philosophical; it should command attention and attract others to click your profile to find out more about you. Stay away from cliché headlines like “Looking For Someone Special”, “SWF for SWM”, “Not Into Head Games” and the like. Try your best to stand out from everyone else.

And lastly, include as much information about yourself as possible within your profile. Be honest and avoid the white lies that are so tempting in the online world. You want someone to be interested in the “real you” and not some half truthful profile. Be specific with your likes and dislikes and your interests and hobbies. Online dating would be a much more rewarding experience if everyone just followed these simple tips of honesty.