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Help! What are Some Good Opening Lines for Online Dating?

One of the toughest things to navigate well in the

challenging online dating marketplace is to come up with a

good opening line. They say first impressions mean

everything, right? With this in mind, it certainly seems

like you better start off strong if you’ve got any hope at

all of getting a response! And remember, the likelihood is,

if you found the person you want to write attractive, there

are probably a bunch of other people who have as well! Let’s

look at a few really good ideas that work well for, and on


1) Be Sincere. Whatever you do, b don’t send a form

letter responses that sounds like you cut and pasted the

exact same template to 63 other profiles you’ve found

attractive. Trust me, even if she likes you, the perceived

slight will be enough NOT to generate a response.

2) Be Specific. Very important! As the natural opposite of sending

out a bulk email to every attractive person you see, VERY

specific opening lines are sure winners! Why? It shows you

read the persons profile. If you start out with something

that says – “hey, not only did I READ what you had to say, I

also share the exact same feeling as you on “xyz”. This is

doubly smart – you show common interest and of course, that

you were interested enough to read the whole thing. (

Another secret tip? Make that thing you “notice” at the END

of the profile, further reinforcing you were CAPTIVATED for

the full 2000 words..;-)

3) Be Gentle. Yes, even if you think she might like it rough! Do not start out with some

borderline obscene, outlandish commentary on her outfit in

picture number 4, or make reference to some thinly veiled

she MAY have made about something of a more intimate

nature….Just yet! More guys than they will EVER know have

completely blown their chances with a totally HOT woman on

account of this one simple social fop a – bad manners and

bad timing to show them off!

Remember, she is online dating for the very same reason you are. To have fun, meet some

cool people and finally find a great guy like you – I promise!