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Online Dating – Stop Talking About The Ex’s!

I don’t know why we insist on talking about the ex’s, but we do! We do it offline and now we are doing it online!

I think we are trying to convince the new person how good we are and how bad we have been treated. But in the eyes of others we are showing what a fool we have been!

We should break the habit and stop talking about the Ex’s! We should stop talking about all of the “war stories”.

I know with most singles, every “road” leads back to the Ex’s. The sooner we realize that no one wants to hear about our Ex’s, the better off we will be!

Everyone has an Ex…and plenty of stories to go with them! So why do they want to hear about ours?

I think we talk about our Ex’s more than we realize! Whether we are talking about the good or the bad, we must stop! It is forcing your “new love” to be part of a threesome! They didn’t sign up for that!

Sometimes the “new love” will ask, but we do not have to say anything.

When someone asks about my Ex’s, I simply say; “just like everything else, there are two sides.”

Going forward, we should all vow to stop talking about the Ex’s!

If something reminds you of your Ex? Keep it to yourself!

If you are watching a movie you saw on the first date with your Ex? Keep it to yourself!

When you see a raggedy, beat up car that reminds you of your Ex? Just shut up!

Stop talking about the Ex’s! Not only will your “new love” appreciate it, so will your friends, co-workers and family!