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Online Dating Tips & Internet Dating Advice

With dating online becoming more and more apparent and frequent these days. Online dating has become more popular then in past. Some would say you are a loser for having any dating personals online. But now it’s just no big deal and very common. With peoples work schedule and tired of the bar scene people are seeking companionship online. So with that said You can never say to much about it being safe. There are some common rules to follow and if you follow these you should be less likely to have any bad experience online. Unless he or she is not what they claim to look like in there profile. Which is a whole other story. I have found six common rules to follow.

Here’s a place where the old adage “Don’t believe everything you read” most definitely applies. People lie on-line just as they do in real life. Areas to be particularly cautious about: Marital status and physical appearance. “Look at your own past experiences in meeting people,” suggests Sharon Wolf, author of Guerrilla Dating Tactics: Strategies, Tips and Secrets for Finding Romance (Plume/Penguin). “Have you generally had good judgment about people? If so, then you can rely on it here too. If not, proceed with caution, and perhaps turn to a friend to help you evaluate someone you have met on-line.”

Some on-line personals sites allow you to send and receive e-mail without using your real address. Take advantage of this option if you can. Then use e-mail to get a sense of a person before you further the relationship. “Begin to (anonymously) e-mail back and forth, and learn about the context this person operates in,” suggests Wolf. “Where did he grow up? Where does she work? Who are his friends and family? How is she connected to the community in which she lives?” Learning about a persons connections with others is an important way to suss out who they really are.

The phone reveals a lot about a persons social skills, and their ability to communicate spontaneously. But do it on your nickel; don’t rush to give a stranger your phone number. Now that you’re voice-to-voice, if not yet face-to-face, give yourself the opportunity to get a good feeling for what someone is like before you decide you would like to meet.

If you are getting pressured to get together, that’s probably a good sign that this is a person you want to steer clear of. Also, continue to keep your antennae up. If, as you are getting to know each other, anything seems off, bow out gracefully.

If e-mail has a downside, it’s that it allows you to build up a false sense of intimacy with someone. “A person who writes great e-mail is not necessarily a great person,” points out Laura Banks, author of Love On-line (Career Press). No matter how wonderful your e-mail correspondent may seem, try to keep some distance – the minute you hear his or her voice, or meet in person, the whole thing may seem wrong. Don’t allow your hopes about this person to obscure what you really feel.

When it is time to meet in the real world, use these hard and fast rules: Don’t give out your home or office address; meet in a busy public place during daylight hours; use your own transportation to and from the date; tell a friend where and when you are going; and check in when you get back. There will be plenty of time for moonlight walks later on!

I sincerely hope this helps and help enjoy your online dating experience.