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Online Dating Sites – Building Bridges Across the Seas

Online dating sites have been around for almost two decades now ever since internet has been made available to the public. These sites have evolved into various niches and specializations that everyone who wanted to try virtual dating can actually choose which niche-driven community to join.

During the recent studies regarding successful relationships and marriages, about 65% of all couples have been brought together by online dating sites in the past several years. The number of singles finding love online increases each year and it has been predicted that in about five to ten years, online dating sites will prove to be the most dominant way of meeting other people as opposed to the conventional dating practices.

One way or another, you may have known someone who has met his or her spouse online. If you ask them, they’d tell you that even if they’re far apart, they knew that the person behind the screen name is their soul mate. How do they know? Well, it’s because online dating sites have this unique profile posting system that allows all singles to see the qualities of other members who are onsite.

After reading the members’ profiles, singles can then decide to send messages to the members they really like. They may share common interests or adore their hobbies and lifestyle practices or anything that makes them click with one another. Having a common ground will make a better conversation for both parties and when they do decide to meet face-to-face, they’ll have more things to talk about. This dating quality won’t be achieved when you are going on a blind date or first date with someone you just met through the conventional ways of meeting other people.

Some online dating sites also provide verification of members’ identity to help protect the safety of their members. They will ask newly signed up members to submit a photocopy of their identification card in verifying their membership. This will be used to verify that the photo they have submitted online is valid and real. It also prevents underage from joining the site especially if it’s an adult community.

If the site is made safer for all single hopefuls who wanted to find love online, this will further increase the population of couples falling in love through online dating sites. Believe it or not, the testimonials page of these various sites are filled with real love stories of previous members. Some of them are wedding photos of couples who found lasting love online.