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How Do I Get a Man to Chase Me Instead of Me Being the One Chasing Him? Here Is How to Do It

Have you noticed that you’ve been the one running after your man for the longest time? Do you notice that you’re the one who’s making the most phone calls and the most invites when it comes to going out on a date? You’re a woman and you don’t deserve any of this at all. Here’s how you can reverse the roles that you’ve been playing:

You can’t impose on him that he should be the one to chase you. You will have to take charge but you can’t tell him what to do. Taking charge means you start assessing the situation and what you can do about it. Start planning your strategy then make sure to follow through.

This man has, somehow, taken control of you since you’ve been chasing him around. If you continue with this desperateness, he’ll always have an invisible leash around your neck. Don’t let him have this power, instead, do all you can to ignore him and disrupt his predictable schedule. Once his comfort zone is stirred, he is likely to pay attention once more.

He knew that you can’t live without him and you’ve proven this to him by the way you’ve desperately followed him around. Maybe you’ve loved him too much and now you’re suffering the consequence. This time, give him a dose of his own medicine – ignore him and pretend to be busy with so many things. Just wait and he will definitely feel the big difference soon.

You have to think back to those days when he was still courting you. Did he mention that he liked the way you dressed or the way you laughed? It’s time to give him what he likes best but this time, do it even better. If he likes your sense of fashion, this time, show him that you can reinvent yourself. This new you could be the catalyst that would awaken his need to chase.

You’ve been the one doing all the chasing so what else does this man have to do? You’ve technically relieved him of his role so it’s time to give it back to him. Don’t answer his calls and appear mysterious all the time. Before you know it, he would be thinking of ways to win you all over again.

This should rattle your man to the point of desperation. He will be scrambling for your attention the moment he sees other men eyeing you. If he values you so much, be prepared to see him fighting to the death (at least figuratively).

Look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and let him see that your body language says it all. But just when he’s about to reach out for you, this is the time that you should draw back. He will be puzzled by this and he is likely to chase you once more.