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How the Rules of Dating Have Changed

The rules of dating have changed drastically for American singles in this modern age of Internet dating services and fast-paced living. The rules of dating for both men and women have become a lot more complicated than they were a generation or so ago. I am happy with these changes because I think that the old social norms are flawed. The traditional approach where women waited to be pursued and never made the first move should be left behind in the past.

These old norms are really unfair to men who would rather take a more passive role and to women who had more dominant personalities. In the past the rules were clear and understood by everyone, but everything is now different. The passing of time made have things much more complicated than they have ever been. Fortunately, people can turn to dating services that can help them understand the present rules of dating.

Everything is quite simple if you go to a speed dating event. All you have to do is talk for a few minutes to a variety of potential matches. Perhaps you will be able to find people who have tastes that are similar to yours. From there the rules of dating will sort themselves out. However, nobody is sure if the social norms will stabilize and make the rules of dating easier to decode. Nevertheless, knowledge about the proper thing to do on a date is a matter of great importance for both men and women.

In this day and age, many advice columnists and writers make their whole career off of people’s dating anxiety. Every one of each of them has a different approach when it comes to rules of dating. I think that there is no satisfactory guide to dating etiquette because we are in such an informal culture. The key to being in a date is to always act comfortable and at ease. If you are at ease, then your manner can put other people at ease. Your date can still be a success, even if you do not have a perfect grasp of the rules of dating.