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How To Write A Great Personal Profile On A Dating Site

Dating sites are a fast, easy, and fun way to meet people. Now that you are one of the thousands that have joined a dating site you now need to write a profile page that will stand out from the rest.

First thing you need to do is have a good look around the other members on that dating site and see the general style that they write. Pick up some ideas and some inspirations that you can use on your own personal profile ad.

Picture yourself as a salesman, how would you promote your qualities? Nobody wants to read a dull C.V. or resume online. You need to be able to sell yourself to who ever is reading it.

Start with the basics, your personal details will always be the same ex. age, occupation, education, etc. When you are asked to list your interests/ hobbies always try for a more personal approach. There will be many members who note on their profile that they enjoy walks on the beach, cinemas, or restaurants but guess what, we all love those things. Be more creative and search yourself. Take a moment and reflect on what makes you happy. If you like theme parks then make a mention of it. Enjoy scuba diving or bird watching? Many people believe that this section is necessary for members to see what they have in common, which is true to an extent, but more important, it shows the type of character you have. A bird watcher would tell me that you had patience and appreciated nature and the outdoors, for example.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a photo to your profile is going to get your profile more attention than if you didn’t have one. Try not to add a passport photo if you can help it. A nice photo of you smiling is all that is needed.

Honesty counts. Never exaggerate your profile as this will often lead to trouble down the lines. It may get you more interest but is never going to be worth it. Try to elaborate and focus more on our strong points, on what makes you special.