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How to Create the Best Online Dating Headlines – Online Dating Headlines That Get You Dates!

Ever wonder about how to create the best online dating headlines. Online dating headlines are huge because they are the first thing that attract women to your online dating profile. Often men are stuck on ideas and use clichés that lack inspiration and which yield few responses. Women have seen all the generic headlines and they won’t catch their attention. Follow these dating tips to help you figure out the best online dating headlines for you.

Before you even create your headlines, start browsing the profiles of other men on dating sites to get a good feel for what most of the guys out there are doing. Then all you need to do is to try something different. Learn to avoid anything that sounds like you’ve heard it before, because women will think the same thing.

Think about what you can do different, what makes you stand out from the crowd in your life will also make for a strong headline that makes you stand out online.

Take your first few thoughts and throw them out, unless you’re an exceedingly creative person, your first ideas will probably be clichés or boring. Try writing a bunch of ridiculous ideas to get your brain flowing. Write down some ideas that are so outrageous you’d never dare to post them online. Eventually you’ll come across something original that reflects your personality. Having something that reflects your personality is great because it will draw women to you that are already predispositioned to like you.

And get some input, you never know what outrageous headline you’ve thought up of may in fact be the best headline for you. If you have a female friend that knows you very well, she could be a fantastic source of input on your headline and entire dating profile.

Try different types of headline for a few periods and keep track of the different responses you get. These will direct you where to go and show you what works for you and what doesn’t. Pay attention to what attracts different types and ages of women, you’ll probably be surprised at the results. It’s easy to try a headline that seems to fall in line with what the kind of women you are interested in say they want. But what a person thinks they like and what they actually like are often two very different things. There are lots of things that we like but would never admit to liking, nevertheless, those are the things we find the most irresistible.

And remember, don’t take yourself too seriously. This can be fun, and if you have a headline that’s completely out there, most women will be more curious than put off.