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Two Alternatives to Dating Sites to Meet Christian Singles Online

A lot of people are familiar with eHarmony, a site that is well publicized in magazines and on television. But you don’t have to go to a dating site to find a single Christian man or woman online although up to this day I still do recommend these. Just that there aren’t many that offer the quality I know you are looking for.

Here are two places that you can meet Christian singles online.

Chat rooms – One of the first places that you can go is to a Christian chat room. You can go into a chat room on a social networking site, or do a search for one on the Internet. Chat rooms are a great place to start up a conversation with someone.

Networking sites – Another good place to find a Christian single man or woman is a networking site, such as Xianz or one of the other Christian sites. There are often forums that are for single people to meet one another. Who knows whom you may find if you open your eyes and heart?

Yes, it may seem like a good idea to go to a Christian dating site, but not all matches are made on them. If the Lord has a person who He has intended for you, you will find them. If you want to meet Christian singles online, search around and see what you find. The truth is as much as God has made someone just for you it will only take some initiative from you to find that particular person.