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Dating – Haven’t Dated in Years?

If you haven’t dated in years the idea of dating can be a scary prospect. Dating isn’t like riding a bike; things have changed a lot in the past decade. There is always the old standby of hanging out at the bar hoping the right person comes along. But let’s face it you don’t want to do that every night. So where do you start, where do go to find that person who will spend some nights home with you and other nights visiting the local art gallery or coffee shop?

There are many more options for finding the perfect someone and many new ways of getting into the dating scene. Most of the new ways to start dating are due to technology. Some were created because so many people have very hectic schedules. The first place to start is the internet.

Dating isn’t as easy as it was in college. You can’t just hang out at the promenade and find a bunch of girls with your same interests. You can’t go to the bar and hope to find dozens of women looking for the same things you are. How do you even strike up a conversation these days? How do you know if someone will be into the same author or artist? Actually how do you even know if they are into reading or art?

The internet is full of dating sites, each one that is full of online profiles of people seeking other people. You can browse online sites full of profiles and your odds are a bit better than hanging out at the bar. Most sites will allow you to set up search parameters based on what you are looking for in a partner. You can select hair color, height, body size, personality type, interests, and sometimes a few other things to search by. You end up with a list of people who match your search requirements, a starting point to enter the dating world.

The internet also has matchmaking sites or you can look up a matchmaker in the yellow pages. Matchmakers get a lot of information from you about the kind of person you are, your likes and dislikes, and exact what you are looking for in a partner. They use this information to browse their databases for potential matches. Essentially they do the leg work for you. They are really good for people who don’t have a lot of time on their hands or who just don’t want to browse a bunch of profiles hoping to stumble across the right one. Matchmakers will set you up on a date with someone who matches what you want in someone.

Going on a date with someone who likes books, likes art, or likes the same music you do makes everything easier. If you already know this about them then you have a place to start the conversation. Just knowing that you were brought together by the same matchmaker is a conversation starter.

If you haven’t been on a date in a long time, just relax. There are a lot of new things in the dating world but many of these things are designed to make it easier for you to find that perfect someone. The world is a much bigger place than it was a decade ago so technology adapted to bring that world to your doorstep. Just relax, talk about your common interests or talk about technology. Chances are your partner will have noticed the same changes in the world that you see.