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Be Careful of Online Dangerous Dating Websites

When you choose an online dating service you have to be very careful on how you deal with it. There are hundreds of scams doing the rounds and you may just fall prey to one of them. Men and women are exposed equally to these scams.

One of the most common scams is that the online dater creates a false profile and they say they are seeking love and support. They create a separate chat room and entice you with all kinds of things. They eventually find a way to steal cash from you. They may do it systematically. Some scammers are so smart that they pretend to be this nice woman or man to you and drag out all your personal information slowly. This may happen over several weeks. Eventually you may fall prey to identity theft and find a credit card which you never subscribed for. Dating may be fun and all that, but you need to know how and when to draw the line.

There are video cameras to make sure that you are talking to a real person, but scammers can figure out a way for that also. Some of the common things that a scammer may use to extract money from you are excuses like they would like to meet you, but do not have sufficient money to travel all the way; or they are in a strange country or place where they were mugged and now have to money on them; or they have an abusive husband and want to run away from him, but do not have the money.

Remember, most scammers scouring online dating sites are looking for people who they can exploit emotionally into parting with their money. So, be very careful. The moment you find a person trying to squeeze out money from you, stop all forms of communication. You can even report the person to the website to ensure that they are blocked from accessing the site.