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Dating Mistakes in Friends Dating

This Article will cover some of the biggest flaws in dating women that men make. This article is based on the differences in thinking between the two genders. Men fail to see themselves through the eyes of a women hence continually find themselves making the same mistakes over and over. If this happens to be you, not to worry because there is so much information out there to help you on your way to dating success.

Men on dates are too goal orientated when it comes to dating women, which hinders their success. Men approach the task of dating like they do most other things, as a challenge. Rather than letting the experience manifest itself naturally, men on dates can seem rushed and preoccupied. Constantly trying to impress and come up with a new exiting thing to say comes across unnatural and forced. It doesn’t and shouldn’t have to be this way as dating should be a fun and interesting experience for both parties.

Remember this one thing if nothing else:

If you start to feel nervous and lost for words which is a common occurrence for many men on dates, remember that there is a good chance that she is thinking the same thing you are. If your nervous your probably making her feel nervous. If you feel like the date is going great then it probably is. Trust your instincts and be yourself and if you don’t impress her then its not meant to be.

There are many fish in the sea and its all to common for a guy to get hooked on a girl for years even though she has moved on years ago. Don’t put women on a pedestal because you think they are some beautiful magical creature. Women are wonderful to be around and lots of fun but remember that they really aren’t that different than you or I.

If you start treating them like they are god they wont respect you for it, this may seem counter intuitive but believe it or not women like to be treated bad once in awhile. I Am not saying for a second here not to pamper them-do not confuse me with a chauvinist. You no how you sometimes see those average looking guys with the really hot chicks? You think to yourself what the hell… right? What is he doing that I’m not.

This one topic can make men go mad but all he is doing is coming across as the dominant male.

You have to have some confidence about you in order to attract a lady. Women want to feel that you are in control of the situation and can protect them. This happens to be a very useful trait in women because it means even if your not the most attractive you still have a chance to win her heart.

Remember all it really is that wins a woman’s heart in the end is the perception that you are comfortable and confident with yourself. This may manifest itself in many different ways but the underlying message is the same.

Hope you enjoyed my advice on the topic of Common dating mistakes.