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Best 10 Tips for Online Dating

Dating through the Internet is a marvelous way to meet people from all the corners of the World and to even find a spouse. But we have to confess that when dating online we meet people we know nothing about except what they have told us, which may or may not be true. Because of this fact there is a list of tips for safe online dating which could contribute a lot.

Coming first, and the top and main rule is to respect our common sense. All the other tips result from this.

Choose the dating websites which offer maximum security and privacy. This means that your identity, your email address and all of your other information remain private. You are more likely to come across potentially unpleasant individuals on the free online dating websites, so it is better, if possible to choose online dating websites which offer a membership with a monthly fee, because these offer better protection.

Describe yourselves as you are. Because everything is anonymous you should not fear being recognized. We become members to these sites with a purpose, wanting to meet a specific type of person. Having in mind that you will want to meet this person in person at a certain point in time it would be very unpleasant if you give false information about yourself like your height, weight, the color of your hair etc.

If you want to find real love, be extra careful for the married types. You can spot these people because they don’t usually put their pictures in their profile, do not contact you at a regular basis, never give their home number and usually don’t answer their phone, but call you later. Use your intuition and you’ll easily realize if someone is married or not.

Love at the first click-not very likely to happen. Be careful if someone expresses their love to you after a couple of emails. This is usually done by the ones who want to sell you something at the expense of your naivety.

Do not believe in very sad or tragic stories, especially if it ends in someone asking for money. Never send money to anyone. There are people on these pages that are there just to use you in some way, get money from you or sell you something.

Stay aware of the course your communication is taking so you can learn more about the person, and notice whether the person avoids certain topics. That can be a sign of some qualities people want to hide. Be a psychologist but don’t let that make you too rigid and transform you into a detective. Be relaxed and careful. You should set the speed your relationship will develop on and don’t let someone rush you to the next step.

When you meet someone don’t rush into giving your personal information right away. Open a different email address which will not include your name. If you decide to talk over the phone be sure to hide your number. Do this because if you give your number and name someone with bad intentions can easily come to your other personal information as your address your income…

Once you’ve decided to meet in the real world first ask for a recent picture, make the date somewhere in public, organize your own transportation, don’t give your address and refuse the offer to be walked home. It’s also good if your first meeting is made in the company of your friends.

These simple tips can be of use so you don’t become a target of people with bad intentions. Once again, Tip No.1 and