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Computer Networks for Beginners


Posted on April 20, 2017 in Misc » Others , verified torrent

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Computer Networks for Beginners
0. Intro.mp4   7.85 MB
1-What-is-a-computer-network-and-Types-of-networks.mp4   16.59 MB
1.what-is-a-computer-network.pptx   1.75 MB
2-Why-do-we-use-networks.mp4   19.39 MB
2.why-do-we-use-networks.pptx   1.65 MB
3-Network-Hardware.mp4   14.49 MB   2.3 MB
4-How-does-the-network-work.mp4   14.3 MB   1.68 MB
5-Network-architecture-and-communication-modes.mp4   11.82 MB   1.67 MB
6-Network-topologies.mp4   13.43 MB
7-IP-and-MAC-addresses.mp4   9.96 MB
7.IP-and-MAC.pptx   1.64 MB
8-Security.mp4   20.94 MB   1.64 MB
Document-1.png   469.04 KB
9. Network-topologies.mp4   13.43 MB
9.1 network-topologies.pptx   2.11 MB
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Computer Networks for Beginners

Simple and easy explanations of computer networking topics


Students will need to have a very basic understanding of computers.


Computer networks are growing trend. You can find them at your home, school, work, and most of the places you go on daily basis.

Learn the basic concepts of computer networks, which hardware to use to set it up, and how to secure it.

Become aware of networks surrounding you

When you start noticing networks around you, you will also understand big part of the IT world. You will learn how the Internet works, how your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows you to connect online, how do people share data without the Internet access, and much more. Everything starts by becoming aware of computer networks.

Learn how to set up a network

Whether you are taking this course to improve yourself, to get a better grade at school, or because of work, setting up a network is a skill that is very useful today. Yet many people do not know how to do it. You have an opportunity to learn it in few minutes.

Learn how to protect yourself in a network, including the Internet

Unwanted sharing of passwords, pictures, documents, credit card numbers, and internet activity is not something anybody would want to share. But, with expanded usage of computer networks, privacy is becoming an abstract term. This course helps you protect yourself when going online, and also protect your home/office network

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