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6 Things Online Dating Sites Never Tell You – Ignore Them At Your Peril

1. Did you know that some of the photos of single people that you see at online dating sites are not really the real picture of the people who posted them? You see You don’t have to upload photos that are actually of you! If see just one very good picture of a guy you like and you don’t see another picture of him in another setting, you the photograph you are looking at may not belong to the person whose profile you are reading.

2. Members don’t have to tell the truth on their profile. That guy whom you think is a 25 year old millionaire might really be a 65 year old loser or even a 14 year old kid.

3. Dating sites don’t screen people. Yes, they screen profiles for offensive words and email addresses and things like that, but they don’t run people through any sort of filtering process. This means that you could in fact meet someone with a criminal record if you are not very careful.

4. You do not have to use your primary email address to register as a member and communicate with other members. This is a good safety precaution, especially if the site gives out your email to other users (most don’t anymore). Even if the site doesn’t, if you want to give out your email to someone you meet online, it’s a good idea to create a new email address. This way, if they start internet stalking you, you can delete the address without worrying about losing important emails from friends.

5. Most online dating sites will not allow you to email a person unless you pay a subscription fee. Be sure to read all the rules and guidelines before wasting time to create a profile on a site you will never use.

6. Online dating sites do not let you know upfront that if you are not careful you may fall pray to online dating scams perpetrated by people who create fake profiles with attractive pictures of people they find on websites that sell stock photos. These scams start by the perpetrators gaining your confidence and later on telling you a sad story about a problem they need to take care that will require just a small amount of money to complete the funds they have managed to save. If you fall for the sad story, and send the money they say they need, then you will be scammed, and you cannot hold the online dating site responsible.