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Top 10 Dating Tips

1. Preparation

Decide exactly who you’re looking for and be prepared to commit as much energy as you can into finding this person. Giving a half hearted effort won’t be as effective and won’t really help you.

Once you’re focused on who you want, you’ll be wanting to look your best. Get fit, eat healthy, get a haircut and perhaps even a new wardrobe. Not only will this make you look presentable, it will increase your confidence around your date.

2. Be realistic

You don’t want to aim too high, for those out of your league, but don’t aim too low, someone who won’t make you happy in the long run. Take into account not just looks but also personality and any other factors such as sense of humor, being a good listener etc. Aiming for the perfect match might be hard, but well worth it once you’ve achieved success.

3. Be yourself

Probably the most important step. Nobody wants to be with a person who starts out one way but down the road turns into someone else. Be open and honest, we’re all imperfect beings and people appreciate those that can accept this and be themselves.

4. Punctuality

Being very late and giving no advanced warning sends out a bad message to your date, making it unlikely you’ll see them again. OK fashionably late is fashionable, but whilst you think you’re playing it cool, your date might be getting stressed or worried waiting for you, setting a bad vibe for the night.

5. Personal safety

There are plenty of personal safety tips out there such as meeting in public places, and following the process of several layers of communication before going on a first date. However the most important thing is to trust your instinct. If your gut tells you that something is wrong, whether online or in person then learn to trust it. For example if a guy doesn’t introduce you to his friends, only returns phone calls at certain times, or won’t send you a picture online, you might wonder whether he has another partner or is married.

6. Enjoy yourself

Enjoy dating for what it is, meeting people and enjoying other’s company. Don’t get too bogged down with having to find a partner and taking things so seriously. Enjoy getting to know people, perhaps making friends along the way and with a bit of luck you might one day find that special someone.

7. Create Mystery

Don’t give everything away about yourself when you first meet your date! People enjoy mystery and revealing all your secrets after several dates will leave you little left to offer.

8. Taking a break

Every so often you might get through a number of dates and feel exhausted and that things aren’t going your way. Take time off and recharge the batteries, rethink your goals and once you’re done, you’ll be more optimistic with a fresh perspective.

9. Stay Positive

If a date ends badly, don’t give up hope, this is most likely a blip and just because it happened once doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. Be prepared to meet a few ‘not so great’ people before you find the person of your dreams.

10. Don’t have sex on the first date

Obviously if its love at first sight and the chemistry is that strong between you then it won’t make that much difference but in general sex on the first date is too much too soon and could kill any chances of a proper relationship blooming. Don’t forget, the more you anticipate something, the better it is.