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Smooch Dating – Fake or Fate?

In this article we are going to take a quick look at Smooch Dating – one of the newer popular dating sites to hit the online market. I’ll give you my quick thoughts and a brief overview, and hopefully give you a an informed opinion on whether or not it’s worth diving into yourself.

First of all – I found some of the initial profile precursors a bit lengthy and daunting to fill out. Maybe that’s because I’ve done it 1000 times already – but really, another lengthy dissertation on my physical attributes was NOT what I was looking to fill out.

Once beyond this first step – you get a chance to check out the goods! Now, one thing I did notice was that there was a fair amount of profiles without a picture just yet….about half, which I thought was a bit high relative to my experience in other places. However, it was clear there were lots of attractive members – and sending a message was a simple mouse click away. Very convenient – no two or three screen hop skip and jump to get a short note shot off to someone who catches your eye. Another great feature was the fact that you can SEE if the person has read your message – which is really great, especially considering many services don’t offer this, or if they do, it’s a premium service that requires extra dough.

In terms of overall available singles to choose from – I was again, a little bit disappointed at the quantity of people on the site – it is new, so I understand it takes some time to build up a good base, and I’m sure they will grow month over month. But being used to some of the larger players, the selection of singles felt small by comparison. It was however, exceptionally easy to chat with fellow members, the software driving the Instant messaging functionality was simply great, and provided a seamless, no hiccup environment to chat with several people I found attractive! So a big plus here, even better than many rival services.

Overall – I liked it, and recommending the service for those who are not interested in the huge sites with an incredible volume of members. Some of the boutique features were great, and whilst the selection was a bit on the minimal side, I’m sure that will grow and progress as they get their sea legs.

So there you have it – another cool site for you to check out. Hope you meet your very own “smooching” partner and have a blast while doing it! Good Luck!