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Speed Dating Tips – Use Conversational Hypnosis to Seal the Deal

In this article I’d like to take a quick look at how amazingly effective conversational hypnosis techniques can be for speed daters. The simple truth about speed dating is you NEED to make a good impression…and FAST! You only have a few minutes to say something dramatic, memorable and influential, and for MOST of us, that is simply too much pressure to accomplish quickly. It’s no surprise then, that MOST speed daters find the process daunting, scary and after trying it once or twice, find they simply DON’T have the right skills to seal the deal. I say different..:-) Assuming you are already familiar with the foundational elements of CH, let’s take a look at how conversational hypnosis is the ONE sensational skill that can turn your tables around…and do it in a hurry! Read on..:-)

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Conversational hypnosis techniques are literally DESIGNED for quick hitting situations where you NEED to make an impact..and FAST. If a speed dating scenario is 8 minutes, (many of them are) you can LITERALLY transmit POWERFUL and potent suggestive inductions within the FIRST 60 seconds…and still have 7 minutes to sit back and relax..:-)

Seriously though – I use a simple pattern interruption like the handshake induction for these sorts of situations, as they are almost TOO good to be true for this scenario. You get their attention OFF the bat, and implant positive suggestion within the period where the pattern is interrupted. (i.e. – a memorable or bonding positive reinforcement

Often, people who use mental persuasions techniques like CH will use induction and then use an intentional clumsy or self depreciating attempt at humor to offset the power of the subliminal suggestion. ( a passive/aggressive approach) I have found this effective as well..:-)