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Online Dating Profiles That Work

If you stop a minute to think about the purpose of dating profiles, it will be much easier to put a really great one together. At first glance it seems that the purpose of filling out your profile is just so people will understand a little about whom you are and where you are from. And while these things may be true, it is only part of the picture. You profile is also branding you. It is a commercial, and it is selling you. So not only do you want to tell people who you are, you want them to light their keyboards on fire emailing you. So pay attention to your packaging, which is your profile.

Punch Up Your Profile with these 3 Online Dating Profile Tips

Scream – What does a scream do? It breaks your concentration on whatever you were doing and completely redirects it to the scream. So if someone is lackadaisically trolling through dating profiles, you want your profile to scream. One of the most effective ways to do this is with a picture. Take the time to post a good photo of yourself, and make sure it really looks like you. Graphic images grab the eye and stop it, and now you have their attention. Have the picture say something about you. Take the time to compose a good picture. It can be doing something that you love, or it can be posed, but make sure that the photo is clear and light. If you need ideas, flip through your favorite magazine, and see how other people put their best foot forward.

Tease – Remember this is a brand, a commercial. You are not going to be able to tell your whole life story in 30 seconds, but you can leave them wanting more. The evening news does it every day. They film a “60 Second Tease” that runs throughout the day that entices you to tune into the evening newscast. This tease tells you a little about the news story, but if you want the juicy details, you will have to watch the evening show. It may make a bold statement or ask a question (that you really want to know the answer to). Something like, “Find out how I came to live in and underground house”, or “That’s how I found out that chocolate really does have side effects.” This teaser technique offers someone wanting to contact you a good little icebreaker too.

Action – For a brand to be successful it is not enough for you to know about it, you have to go out and buy it. So somewhere in your profile, you need a call to action. You need the equivalent of, “Call now, before supplies run out.” So be low key and friendly, but motivate to move with something like, “I can’t wait to hear from you.” Remember your goal is to be dating online sooner rather than later.

So you have stopped your prospective mate in their tracks and made them notice you. Then you gave them a reason to linger and hooked them with a teaser. You gave them an opening line and finally you gently told them to contact you. This formula has been working for advertisers for years. Since this is one of the most important sales of your life, you may as well pattern your sales pitch, or dating profiles, after the best.