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The Benefits of a Single’s Coach

So, you’ve met the one…or so you hope and think.

Dating does not come in a “one size fits all” kind of answer or solution. It needs to take into consideration the unique nature of a person’s experiences, environment, and expectations, to name a few. These are impacted by a person’s sex, age and other defining qualities. Here are some things to consider in the dating world and why a singles coach can help!

Dating Advice for Men:

You may need assistance with:

o understanding what women want from a partner and a relationship

o learning better attraction and meeting skills

o deciphering the sometimes confusing and mixed messages that women send out

o knowing your own level of readiness for commitment and intimacy

o improving relationship communication

Dating Advice for Women:

You may need help with:

o balancing your life in order to make room for a relationship

o learning what you truly want in a partner

o breaking out of a cycle of negative dating/relationship patterns

o decoding the messages you receive from men you are interested in or have dated

o understanding why men marry and what they look for in a woman

o improving your communication skills

More things we cover in coaching…..

o effective attraction and dating skills

o How to recognize Mr. /Ms Wrong and Mr. /Ms Right or Mr/Ms. Right Now!!! RED FLAGS!!!!

o how to avoid the traps of dating myths and serial bad dates

o the importance of mutual trust and respect, shared values and compatible personality traits to the long term success of love relationships

o how your past history influences your relationships

o communication techniques that lead to greater understanding and intimacy in romantic relationships