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Online Dating Manual

Following a few simple rules in this online dating manual will greatly improve your chances of finding your perfect girl and going out with her. Internet dating has exploded recently. It’s no surprise really. You can do everything now: post pictures, take quizzes, determine personality matches and much more. A lot of people are busy and don’t go out often so internet dating is a great way to meet people. Use these tips to separate yourself from the other guys and capture the interest of your perfect girl.

This is number one. If you don’t stand out, she won’t read your messages. Hot girls receive anywhere from 30-100 messages per day. The funny thing is that most guys use the subject line of “hey” or “hi” or “what’s up”. Girls don’t even open that stuff! Be different. I use the subject line “Top Secret!” or “Peanut Buttah”. It might be silly but it POPS out at the girl and she will always read your message. This is the first step.

Focus on having natural conversations. When you want to send a message to a girl, don’t do the whole 10 page essay about why you two are meant to be. A lot of girls shy away from lengthy emails and messages. Sending short, funny, and to the point messages has always worked best for me. Stick to basic conversation. A lot of guys use complicated words to show their intelligence. This simply doesn’t work. Keep it simple.

If you can use humor in your message it’s a huge plus. Read over her profile and see if you can comment about something. Teasing is always good. Humor shows that you’re confident and sexy. Girls will be much more eager to meet you if you can find a way to convey humor in your messages.

The reality of online dating is that you’re going to get blown off a bunch. Not all girls will message you back. For the most success you have to message a large quantity of girls. It’s a pretty simple formula: stand out, keep it simple, and use humor. If you do these things then the more girls you message, the more dates you’ll go on that week! Obviously if you message lots you’ll get “rejected” lots. But, who cares. This is online. She’s not even there. Increase your chances of success by messaging at least 5-10 girls a day.

I wish an online dating manual had told me about this when I was starting! Dating in general can take time. I used to push for the meet up on the second or third message to the girl and then get frustrated when she didn’t respond. Realize that it takes time for a girl to be comfortable, especially over the internet. She doesn’t even know you. So, take your time and follow your gut. After a bit of practice you’ll begin to get better at this.