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Playing The Dating Game – Be an Absolute Stunner

Dating is about finding the right partners for yourself but it’s also about playing games and flirting around. But sometimes dating games lead to being on the receiving end of rejection. If you do not know how to play the game right you might never succeed with dating. For many people chase is much more important than the catch otherwise all the fun is lost. There are several techniques and tricks to play this game right and end up on top. Read on to discover how.

Be a bad boy- Do you know bad boys are actually the one’s who bring out the best in women in every shape of life. Women find it very hard to refuse something to a guy with a nasty attitude. Bad boys are the best players of the game due to there character as they bring out the naughtiness of the game.

Let them open up- It’s always good to let the other person you are flirting with open up more before you tell the story of your life. Never be an open book at first and let her unfold each page step by step. Make it as hard as possible for her to figure you out. The more difficult you make it the more attracted and willing she would be towards you.

Have occasional fights- Try and have small occasional quarrels during your conversation and get her a bit angry. When angry a person normally tends to speak their mind out without any control and you would discover her new secrets.

Be spontaneous- It’s all about how unpredictable and spontaneous you can be when it comes to playing the dating game right. Create rules first and break them yourself. Try and be the dominant part of the conversation and don’t give her much of a chance to take over. Dating game is all about getting it on or getting out. You would either end up with a date or a stalker or maybe rejection if you don’t do it right. Therefore it’s a matter or timing and how fast you are to come up with strong talks to keep it going.

Be naughty by nature- Don’t get too rude and maintain a bit of decorum but have fun and play along. A bit of silliness along the way would not hurt much and keep teasing her in between.