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How to Rate Online Dating Sites – By Example!

Normally when you rate online dating sites you would go through a list of a gazillion parameters and go through a rating algorithm…well maybe not that complex, but you would rate the site quantitatively.  In this article we have decided to go another way and delve deeply into the whys and hows of the site.  Why is it different?  Why will it work for you?  Do you empathize with the spirit of the site?   We believe these questions are just as important as: how many free matches do I get per week?  The best way to do this is through example and we thought that a good example of an online dating site which is easily differentiable is

Just the name grabs your attention.  Does chemistry exist when it comes to dating?  Is it linked in any way to the thrill of anticipation that passes through you when you stand near someone attractive?  Does your heart beat faster and your palms start to sweat?  Are your thoughts stuck on a certain special someone, making it difficult for you to concentrate? All these are valid questions when you rate online dating sites, more specifically when you evaluate

Is chemistry all about that?  In chemistry class there are certain chemicals you can mix together and there’s sizzling, fizzling, and melting that can occur.  If the right chemicals are mixed a productive mixture is created. Disaster is the only outcome when you mix the wrong chemicals.  If you substitute the word “people” for “chemistry”, you begin to get the idea of what chemistry dating is all about.

But, it actually takes a lot more than two people who think themselves compatible for chemistry dating.  It seems the brain actually produces chemicals and hormones when you are near someone who just might be a good match.  So to speak, it must be nature’s way of sealing the deal.  Who can resist that delicious surge of chemicals flowing through the body and arousing the senses?

Is this called lust or love?  The Interpersonal Matrix on aims to discover the answer to this exact question. It aims to find answers to the questions of what love is, what lust is and what can turning off in another person by asking a series of questions.  It’s entirely about chemistry and identifying exactly what triggers the lovely arousal hormones and chemicals in the brain.

Under normal circumstances, weak knees are not something you would aim for.  Weak knees can be a great thing when it comes to attraction though.  Endorphins, phenyl ethylamine and other substances having chemistry-sounding names are known to be the cause for weak knees and heart palpitations.  You’re nerve endings are activated by these chemicals and the next thin you’re in love!

You can understand how these chemicals can make a difference if you think about the people you have dated in the past.  How many times have you heard a woman utter the “He doesn’t do anything for me” words? The “do” is referring to the absence of arousal and attraction.  However, compatibility requires the play of more than just chemicals.

Your upbringing, self-perception, and experiences combine with the chemicals to create…well…YOU.  Though you are special, others can inspire such sociability and this is what chemistry dating is all about. You spend time carefully rating yourself on the Interpersonal matrix in order to understand your personal preferences.  Not only do you find your personal traits, but you also discover the background which caused the creation of self-perception and evaluate your communication methods.  The focus is to find other suitable members on on the basis of your answers.

Chemistry is necessary in order to get those chemicals flowing. A relationship will become only if the right two people are mixed together.  rather than it being just you alone, it will be two together.  Spending time truthfully answering all the questions on the Interpersonal matrix, is the best way to make work for you. You don’t want to avoid answering questions or rush through your answers.  Doing so, will negate the advantages of the questionnaire and hence result in your finding disappointing matches.

Aaahh…That thing they term love.  Once the right match is found through chemistry, the next step is to find out if you are really compatible.  You can message each other and get to know each other better. 

Think of as a second chance to get your chemistry right.  Identify the right mixture and the relationship you create will last for life.  This is what is referred to as chemistry dating at its best.