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The Mystery Method – Tips For Meeting Women

For men out there who are looking for tips on how to pick up women, I ran into an intriguing method called the Mystery Method. It was developed and popularized by Erik Von Markovik, who also goes by the name of Mystery.

Von Markovik claims to have been a late bloomer, not hitting puberty until the age of 16 and not losing his virginity until the age of 21. Frustrated with his loneliness and inability to meet women, he set out on a study to learn how to be successful. After years of research and thousands of approaches, he developed his method of seducing the other sex.

He classifies people by two values, their S and R value. “S” stands for the survival value and “R” stands for their replication value. Women tend to evaluate men based on their “S” value and men judge women for their “R” value.

The largest principal behind this is that all people gravitate to a person with a higher value. We all want a mate who we feel is above our level. Once people pin point a potential target that is “above their level” their emotions and adrenaline appear to get the better of them.

They just aren’t themselves for a variety of reasons. How many times have you found a man or woman who you really wanted to get to know and then couldn’t figure out why you came off as a stammering fool when you approach them?

An example of this is a very attractive woman, who would possess a very high “R” value. She is quite used to men being interested in her, and she’s also aware of the fact that they tend to have difficulty interacting with her.

When she meets a man who appears not to be emotionally affected by her, it confuses her and she starts to believe that he must be of a “higher value” than her and she begins to desire him. It’s based less on her physical attraction to him and more on an intellectual level.

The Mystery Method works off of these foundations. It plays upon this human nature and breaks the approach into a three step process. It claims if these steps are followed properly, success is bound to happen.

For the sake of our example, let’s use the example of a man going after a woman.

Step 1-Attraction

Step 2-Comfort

Step 3-Seduction

This deals with the escalation to physical contact, and it includes the “Last Minute Freezeout” in which the man withdraws from the sexual encounter with a line like, “you’re right, we really shouldn’t be doing this.”

I’m not sure if this method is fool proof or not, but Von Markovik does have a tremendous reputation in the industry. If you’re interested in finding out more about this method, feel free to check out his book,